Oakridge Lawn & Snow Commercial Landscaping

Need commercial landscaping or commercial lawn maintenance in the greater Metro Detroit area?

Oakridge Lawn and Snow commercial landscaping Services, can provide detailed landscaping, routine maintenance, stone or paver walkways and snowplowing to enhance the look of your business, making it appealing to your customers. We make sure that first impression, even before they get in the door, is a positive one. We can deliver complex projects or low maintenance commercial landscaping designs, all within your budget. Oakridge Lawn and Snow offers year round commercial maintenance to keep your building or complex aesthetically pleasing throughout every season.Hotel ExteriorHotel Exterior

A beautiful landscape creates an inviting appearance that reflects on the level of excellence you offer to all those who enter your establishment.

It creates a positive environment that has the potential to improve your business, while demonstrating you care about your customers, employees, or tenants. That’s why we are honored when you choose Oakridge Lawn and Snow Services, to enhance your image through exquisite outdoor environments.